Monday, December 10, 2012

And He Walks With Me

            Good morning to all of you.  This week as our church service started I could feel a strong presence in our midst.  I have felt this presence before and knew it was the presence of Jesus.  The first song we sang was “In the Garden” whose lyrics say “and He walks with me and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own.”  I knew right away that this day would have special meaning.
            The next piece of the message came through our responsive reading, selected and spoken by our Vice President, Judith Mellor.  The name of the reading was “Footprints”, and one of the final lines in the sonnet reads, “I knew God walked with me.”
Our guest medium this week was Andrew List.  Andrew mentioned something in his talk that stuck with me.  He stated that people like to rescue themselves from their accomplishments.  He said, “No, it is yours.”  People work hard to get through whatever their hardships are and they should be proud of their accomplishments.  A few other pieces I received from Andrew’s talk were, “Energy that comes from love”, Enjoy the love”, “Jesus is not a Christian or a Jew”, and “The umbrella of God’s love and care covers us when sometimes we go off our path, but it is never gone.”
            The last song we sang was “Spirit in the Sky” and at a special time in the song it says, “I have a friend in Jesus.”  When we, Spirit and myself, put all of the pieces together this is what we came up with. 
            As people, all of us at different times will need to think about and evaluate our lives.  When we do we need to call on Jesus.  He is our friend.  He is not a Christian or a Jew or of any other particular religion or deity; he is on a level where all of us can reach him.  The umbrella of God’s love protects us all from the foul weather of life, but it is Jesus that holds that umbrella for us.  Jesus wants us to be happy and proud of our accomplishments through life because he gives us the strength to go through it.  I know that at the end of every day God walks with me and I know that he also walks with all of you.  Use his strength and courage which is there to help us continue on our journey.
Love and Light to all of you,      Ernie Robillard

Friday, December 7, 2012

Heaven is a Place on Earth

            Hello everyone, it is good to speak to you again. Last week the information for this message came a little different than usual; I will explain.  As the week progressed I kept hearing "Heaven is a Place on Earth." This phrase is part of a well-known song.  I could not understand what it meant but it definitely stayed with me all week.
            This past weekend we had Laura Joseph as our guest medium at the church.  Laura gave a talk that was extremely personal in nature, speaking of all the battles she has fought and continues to fight in her life.  She spoke with words like “balance”, “determination”, and phrases like “believing anything is possible”, ” deep in your soul”, “every day is to be fun”, and “choose where to put your energy.”  For the service she picked songs like "Don't Stop" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  All of the pieces sent by Spirit were very different.  Here is how they all became one unified message.
            When Laura's talk concluded I was told by Spirit that there were people in the audience who had received healing simply by listening to her story.  People realized that though they may feel their life is difficult, hearing another’s stories showed that in reality maybe there own life just isn't so bad after all. If we believe that things will get better, keep focused, choose where to put our energies, and most of all decide not to give up, we have the power to make our life better than before.  If we wake up in the morning and believe that today is going to be a fun day, chances are it will be a fun day.
            With the holidays approaching, let us not make all the things we must do be a chore.  Let's think back to when we were young and have fun with this time of year by spreading joy to others and being thankful for who we are and what we have.  We have each other, everything else is a bonus.  Let's try to make everyday a holiday in our lives and in the lives of others.  Remember that if we choose love, Heaven is a place on Earth.  Thanks for listening.      
                                                                 Love and Light,      Ernie Robillard

Friday, November 30, 2012


Hello to all. This week we had our first church auction, it was a great success. I will come back to this at the end of the story to explain how it is relevant to this message.

            Our guess medium at church this week was Patricia Mellman.  The song she chose to play first during service was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  As the song was playing the word “lullaby” and the phrase "I wake up where the clouds are far behind me..." caused me to have an immediate reaction.  I heard from Spirit that our life is to be a lullaby.

            As Patricia spoke to the congregation she mentioned a mantra learned in a class she attended.  It was, "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you."  Later, while she was giving messages from Spirit, Patricia said the words "chit chat" a couple of times.  Once again these words made my ears perk up.

            In the last song we sang, "I Believe I Can Fly", the words "I Believe I Can Do It" also made my ears perk up.  When everything was done I asked Spirit to help me to put it all together.  This is what we came up with.  Although we have to be serious and live in this physical world, every once in a while we think about our unknown world or our “lullaby.”  All of us hold on to stuff from our past and we really need to let it go.  We need to say, "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you" to Spirit.  All the "chit chat" that we hear in the physical world we need to put aside.  We need to be who we really are, Spirit Beings, and believe in ourselves, believe in our hopes and dreams, and learn to live outside the physical world.  We need to stop saying to ourselves, “someday I will do that” or “sometime in the future I will do this.”  Think of your life as a child's lullaby and take what might be thought of as impossible and start to make it a reality; as the song stated, "I Believe I Can Do It."  Be who you really are, believe in yourself with no fear and no expectations.

            At the beginning of this story I told you I would tie all this together with our auction and this is exactly how it works.  When we planned the auction our expectations were fair. We wanted it to be fun and enjoyable while at the same time we hoped to raise some money for needy families at Christmas time. We took the first steps and believed that with the help of Spirit we could be successful.  The auction greatly exceeded our expectations, was very fun and enjoyable and we will be able to help many families this Christmas. 

            Always remember our lives can be a lullaby, but we and only we are the ones who can make it come true.  Say to yourself, "I believe I can do it", "I Believe I Can Fly." Believe in yourself.  Everyone at the First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island believes in you. Spirit believes in you.  Now it is time for you to believe in you.  Thanks for listening, have a great week, and remember to believe.

                                                                                 Ernie Robillard

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


            Hello to everyone again; sorry for the delay.  Two weeks ago the First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island had Mary Ellen Rodriques as one of our guest mediums.  Mary Ellen spoke about John of God, a healer whom she visits in Brazil.  John has performed thousands of physic surgeries, healing thousands of people.  While Mary Ellen was speaking I could see many spirits on the wall behind her, all of them wanting to speak and tell their story.  The word glory came to me at that moment.

            Looking around, I could see Mary Ellen's connection to the crowd was strong, almost as if people were hypnotized by her voice. Once again I heard the voice of Spirit, and they said the word, “Blessings.”  At this time I did not fully understand but I knew that the message would come together soon enough.  Our last song, unbeknownst to me as it was picked out by Mary Ellen, turned out to be "Count Your Blessings."  Once again I asked Spirit to help me put it all together.  This is what was spoken.

            The First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island has been chosen to be in the path of Mary Ellen Rodriques as she makes her journey to Brazil to meet John of God.  She takes everyone's healing/prayer requests, along with other requests from the places she visits, and moves towards Brazil. She trusts these requests to no one.  She protects them and hand delivers them to John of God personally. Mary Ellen is a disciple of Spirit. All of the spirits appearing on the wall are spirits that travel with her and protect her on her special journey.  It is as if she is carrying all of these people with her as she travels to Brazil.  She has been raised to glory by the Spirit world for the work she does.  We have been blessed to have her stop at our church. Mary Ellen was sought out by Susan Robillard, our church president.  Susan once again knew through Spirit that she must get Mary Ellen to come to the church.

            We must all count our blessings in our lives. Even when sometimes our lives might not be going as good as we want it to go, we all have so much to be thankful for. We at the First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island want to thank all of you that have come to the church, for it is because of you we have taken a dream and made it a reality. We want to thank Spirit for guiding the church and showing us what to do; and we want to thank people like Mary Ellen and all the guest mediums who come to the church for sharing their special gifts to make the world a brighter place, one service at a time.

Love and light to all.  Thanks for listening.
                                                                         Ernie Robillard

Friday, November 16, 2012

Love and Fear

This is my third week writing down these messages.  I believe that spirit's connection is the strongest when we are singing, the vibration is higher and Spirit quickly jumps in.  This week was no exception.

This week the church had Pamela Edmunds as its guest medium.  Pamela spoke of the two most important feelings we all experience which are love and fear.  All other feelings fall underneath these and are based on the core emotion of either love of fear.  When I first heard this I felt that this was a very powerful statement.  I thought a little more, listened to Spirit and realized it also is a very true statement.  When I heard these words immediately I knew that the fears we collect - all fears - keep us away from experiencing the love and light of the Divine.  We must face our fears head on and realize that they are not as frightening as we expect them to be. Spirit spoke to me saying we need to have the courage to move forward.  They also said we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  If we can understand this and begin to move forward we all will start to see a change in ourselves.  Realize that the most important part is putting words into action and believing.  The fear will go away and the love and light in our hearts will grow.

     As I was hearing these words I could feel myself driving down a country road. Very little of the road was smooth and flat.  The road I travelled was bumpy, windy, and went uphill and then downhill, just as our journeys are in life.  I then realized we are the ones who make the road smooth. As we continue down our spiritual path, many obstacles may get in our way, but we are the ones who have the courage to continue and must know that even though the road might not be smooth and flat our determination can make it that way.

     After Pamela's talk was done we sang a song called "Sweetly Falls the Spirit's Message".  As we were singing I could feel myself falling through space like a leave falling from a tree to the ground.  As a leave falls it is not in danger, it leaves where it has been born, lived its life of beauty and elegance and then goes back to mother earth where it is protected. This autumn when you see the leaves covering the ground think for a second that we are all leaves blooming in the tree of life, living our life in beauty and elegance and when we reach the end of our journey we will fall back to mother earth/Spirit only to start this beautiful cycle over again.

    I hope some or maybe all of this can resonate with you. Please feel free to send me your comments or replies. I would love to hear from you.  Thanks for listening and have a great week.
Love to all,

Ernie Robillard

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Move Forward

First of all I want to apologize to everyone for not getting my weekly message out in a timely fashion; I had a couple of problems with my computer and I am currently learning how to use all of these pages.  So please bear with me for a little bit while I work out the bugs.

I will begin with the message I received on November 4, 2012.  That week our church had the Reverend Kathleen Hoffman of the First Spiritualist Church of Onset as our guest medium. Kathleen spoke on a few different points, but one in particular really struck a nerve with me.  She said that when we are faced with certain situations in life we must have the courage to walk through them and follow the path laid before us. When she said "walk through", I immediately felt myself walking down a path in a forest and coming upon a beautiful waterfall.  I needed to continue down my path, such as in life, and saw myself walking through the waterfall, in fear of not knowing what the outcome will be and what waited for me on the other side.

Later during the service we sang our second song by Train called "Calling all the Angels." One of the lines in the song says, “I won't give up if you don't give up."  When this was sung I again felt spirit come to me.  I knew this was an important part of the message.
The third time I felt Spirit was when we sang our last song, it was “Don't Stop” by Fleetwood Mac. "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow.  Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here.  It’ll be, better than before.  Yesterday’s gone; yesterday’s gone.  Don’t you look back."  I knew this song contained the final part of the message.

Later in the day I gathered all of the information I received that morning and asked Spirit to help me put it together.  This is what I came up with. We all go through life traveling down our own paths, often struggling to understand our journey.  When we are present with each other the energy is loving and strong, but it doesn't end there. When we leave each other’s presence we take that feeling and the experience of each other with us to help us get through the next part of our journey until we come back to the oasis to get our fill of love and light.

We must not give up on our journey, even if we cannot understand what direction we are supposed to go, we must continue on.  Spirit will not give up on us so we must not give up on Spirit, for they are always there for us. We must continue to walk through life with no fear, always knowing that what you do today will be your past tomorrow. "Don't look back”, always look forward never being afraid to meet the challenges of your life as they come to you. Every day is a new experience; enjoy the experience for all it is worth. I hope all of you feel peace and joy reading this as I did writing it.  I send all of you love and light from Spirit and I thank you for listening.

                                                                   Ernie Robillard

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Introduction - Message About the Church

      Good morning.  My name is Ernie Robillard. I have been told by a good friend that the messages I have been getting from Spirit should be sent out for everyone to read. Here I am, not knowing where this is going to go, but continuing to move forward. I will start at the beginning and I hope when I am done you will understand a little more.

       In June of 2011 the First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island opened its doors for the first time.  This church was started by my wife Susan Robillard (president), Judy Mellor (vice-president), Nathan Horodysky (secretary) and myself (treasurer). With no hard goals in mind except to make the people the most important part of the church, we began our journey.  Since then I have received messages from Spirit touching on many different topics and ways to run the church.  We are an independent church, meaning we focus on structure less and helping people more. One of our main missions is helping people to realize that their feelings are their “inner selves” trying to connect with their “outer selves.”  Many of the people who come to the church proclaim immediately, " I feel that I have come home," and they truly have for at the church they can express themselves without any worries about being laughed at or made fun of.  Many of the feelings and experiences people share within the walls of the church would not be understood or accepted outside in their own worlds.

       Over the last few weeks I have been receiving messages from Spirit during service, usually coming through when we are singing.  Recently I have been telling Susan and Nathan about some of the information I have been receiving from Spirit.  The latest message came on Sunday October 28, 2012. Spirit has referred to our church as a shelter.  "Shelter" in this sense means a place people can come to in search for something different and unique. A place where people can take a break from life, whether that means physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  A place where they can rest and hopefully find a new direction or path with no time frame attached.  About three weeks ago Spirit spoke to me and told me that the church is a development center.  They went on to explain that we will help people to develop spiritually.  We will help them conquer their fears. We will give people the opportunity to speak in front of others about many different topics and concerns.  Most important of all we will give them the opportunity to share messages they are receiving from Spirit with those who are ready to hear.

        This week we had the privilege to have Lorianne Nunes as our guest medium.  This was her first time speaking at any church and she was nervous and a little apprehensive.  She spoke about inner fears and how to overcome them, which everybody loved.  Her messages were unique and very accurate.  I speak of Lorianne because it is my wife Susan who first expressed confidence in her saying she must do a service at our church, for she has special gifts. Susan told Lorianne that the people will love her, which they did.  My wife has done this for other mediums as well.  Another favorite of the church who was approached by my wife is Gladys Ellen.  Susan met Gladys at an expo at Twin River Casino.  Immediately Susan was captivated by Gladys's messages and energy and told her that she must come to the church and do a service.  Gladys responded by saying, “I have never done that.”  Susan replied, “The church will love you," and they did. Gladys continues to come to the church and her services are attended by many. Susan has the ability to see inside of people and to know that the messages and abilities they possess must be let out for other people to see and experience.  Another example of this is our own church member Bridget DeBose. Bridget has come to the church since the beginning.  She is a very talented woman who speaks to Spirit everyday of her life.  Susan instantly was aware of her gifts spoke to Bridget saying she must do a service at the church to share her talents.  Bridget too said, "I don't know about that."  This past July Bridget gave her first service and did a fabulous job. She will continue to do more services for us in the future.

        I bring all this up because the message I received from spirit was to let Susan continue to find these diamonds covered over by sand. While Susan searches for people to come to the church to speak and give messages from Spirit, she unearths these hidden but talented people and brings them to the surface.  Here in the open, where everyone can enjoy their great talents and abilities, we see them blossom and thrive. The church has been blessed to have someone as special as Susan to lead it into a new period of love and light.  By finding these beautiful people and giving them the chance to share their abilities with others we all begin to grow and thrive as a Spiritual community.  No matter what direction Spirit asks us to go, I know with Susan at the helm of the church we will be around for a long time to come. Please come and join us for service every Sunday morning from ten o'clock to eleven thirty.  Come and witness the unearthing of some beautiful gems.  Perhaps you will receive the call from Spirit next.  Hope to see you soon.  Our church is located at 877 Broadway, East Providence, R.I.

        As I stated in the beginning, I believe spirit will be giving me messages to pass along to you.  They may come from anyone or any time.  They may be humans who have passed, people from other worlds, ascended masters, angels or possibly someone even higher.  They may be about any topic as well.  My journey began with the Spiritualist church so it is fitting that Spirit began this journey with a message about the church as well.  Please continue to look for "THE WORDS OF SPIRIT," for I hope they will help fulfill your life as they do mine. Thanks for listening.   


Ernie Robillard